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We Aspire to Inspire

Empower U. is a learning organization that strives to continuously support children, families, and communities through providing innovative and sustainable empowerment and therapeutic programming.

On our way to challenging the many disparities that exist in mental health and social support for our children and families in need, we seek to network, collaborate, create, and disrupt.


I remember almost 2 years ago being overwhelmed with accessing services for my 2 autistic children receiving many calls from different agencies. Then I got a call from Mr. Marlon Gray of Empower U. and he cared for my plight as an ASD mom. Then I was introduced to his young caring staff of men and women that were very kind and respectful and had a love for my children and that, in turn, made me love each and every person that has worked with my children and touched their lives. It’s important that as a parent that it feels like I am sending my kids with people that feel like family and I so appreciate the love that you all show my kids and would recommend Empower U. to anyone and everyone Brian, Chad, Tayri, Sabrina, Erica thank you for loving my kids like I do. It’s been an awesome ride and looking forward to our continued journey together and thank you Marlon Gray for bringing these great people in my path love you all.

Helen F., Parent

The turnaround time for them to find services to suit your needs is efficient and expedient. Very professional staff. #empoweru

Christine M., A Care Management Organization

My grandson just started a few weeks ago with the wonderful mentors at Empower U. and he loves the time spent with them. He has gone to parks, the movies, Jets training camp… Every time he goes there is something different. During the day he spends some time at the center playing and after he goes on a outing. He has kind people all around him and his self-esteem has improved in this short time. Thank you to Chad and Wesley. I wish we met them a long time ago! I will say people have different personalities and some might not be as impressed, but my child is learning and getting exposed to life in a safe and caring environment.

Brenda C., Parent
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“Empowerment comes from within and typically it’s stemmed and fostered by self-assurance. To feel empowered is to feel free, and that’s when people do their best work.”- Amy Jo Martin